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Discover Our Universe!

STRATOLITAIRE is a game of Solitaire that features four innovations on the world level:

  1. Newly designed cards.
  2. Satellite cards, whose function is to unlock the game to carry on playing. Be strategical!
  3. A tactile end that gives you points: when you win the game, at its mechanical end, when the cards go down, you can click on the cards, and shooting stars will appear, indicating that you have earned +10 points for each clicked card.
  4. After winning a game, you can play a BONUS game and win up to two gifts.

STRATOLITAIRE is a fun and captivating new concept of the game of Solitaire! This is a game never seen before!

This new card game concept is unique and exclusive and easy to understand and accessible to all! If you know how to count up to 13, you can play Stratolitaire! During a Stratolitaire game, you can change the space-time future with the Satellite cards and have much more fun! Unlock the game with the Satellite cards and continue the game. Use your strategic talents and win! Grandparents and parents, share your expertise with the young ones and enjoy privileged moments of pure happiness!

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